Healing Tides: A Biodynamic Touch

"Experience the Healing Tides within You"


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Healing Tides:
A Biodynamic Touch

I am thrilled to partner with you on your journey to Wholeness. ~ Christine

Our Mission:

Healing Tides: A Biodynamic Touch:

To provide a welcoming, compassionate, empathetic space meeting our clients’ needs where they are by helping those struggling with: mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual layers of unresolved shock/trauma inertias stuck or held stagnant within their systems.

Healing Tides: A Biodynamic Touch:

To provide persons of all ages from young child through adult; a safe, secure, and calming environment where our clients are able to resolve and release shock/trauma allowing their systems to: re-regulate, recalibrate, heal and bring themselves back to wholeness.


What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy or BCT?

Dr. William Sutherland, Doctor of Osteopathy, and the founder of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, explains the human body is animated and sustained by rhythmic forces that exist in the natural world. These forces are responsible for creating, maintaining, and healing our bodies.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy or BCT: is a method of healing the human body and bringing the organism back to Wholeness.

How does BCT do this?

An RCST® or trained practitioner provides a container where the client feels supported and secure. Allowing the ‘Breath of Life’ to release inertia or unresolved kinetic energy in the form of:  shock & trauma.

This non-invasive but profound therapy tracks a subtle ebb-and-flow of energy through the anatomy. This subtle energy is called:  Primary Respiration or the 'Breath of Life'. The 'Breath of Life' is more commonly known as: The Tide.

The practitioner usually sits quietly and tracks The Tide through the systems and tissues of the body. The process is as gentle as possible and may or may not be felt directly by the client.

The Tide resolves fragmented external kinetic forces or energy that are stuck or looped within the client's tissues. These points of stagnation are called: inertia points of shock and trauma.  Inertia points can be found in any or multiple layers of the: emotional, energetic, physical, and psychological systems of the body.


Please note:  The length of session does not account for the depth of healing that occurs.  


*not available to be combined with any other offer or discount.  Gift Cards and eCards CAN be used for this service.

Associations: BCTA/NA & ABMP