Healing Tides: A Biodynamic Touch

"Experience the Healing Tides within You"


From those who have worked with Christine & Healing Tides over the years:

From a fellow massage therapist:

You are meant to do this work, and you inspire me! ~ J

Client Statements After Sessions:

CHRISTINE IS MAGIC!! She is so sweet and always make me feel amazing after every massage. The location is always so clean, warm & inviting feeling, just all around fantastic. ~ V

"Christine is a gifted practitioner who creates a safe and supportive space for healing. After my sessions with her, I feel more connected to my body and more at ease in my mind." ~ H

Had an awesome massage first thing in the morning.. it's end of day and my body is still feeling the effects! Really professional and I highly recommend it. Christine was great! ~ SB

I had the most amazing massage! Christine hit all of my problem areas and I left feeling much better. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. I also appreciate all of their COVID safety measures. ~ S

Prior to Covid-19 - Client returning:

"I feel fully supported in your hands, and know that I am safe.  The feeling of being here doing this work is amazing." ~ T

Mental & Emotional Awareness and Healing:

"Let Christine know, that I feel more grounded embodied & clear of mind than I have ever before.  That was truly an amazing experience." ~ J

"Yesterday, I had a fit after my car died. I realized if I don't sit in my feelings when I'm upset I won't grow my nervous system. Such a learned awareness. I worked out the issue, and I soothed myself; so I could understand what I was feeling instead of just reacting. Thank you for your continued support." ~ K

Healing After Chemo:

I came across Christine after looking for a massage therapist  to help with after chemo. I had chemo during COVID in 2020.  My body just wasn't bouncing back and I was still feeling all the effects of chemo,   And was told massage is a good way to help release the chemo from the body. I've been seeing Christine for a while now and I am feeling so much better.    More energy and less stress and more able to move and definitely less muscle tightness and soreness.

I would give her a 20 out of 10,  she's patient and kind and really listens to what I needed and just not the same run of the mill massage just to pacify me. She has helped me tremendously and can actually tell where I need the most work when I come and she is focused on that area  for that session.   

I would recommend her time and time again. ~ M

Chronic Migraine Sufferer:

"I have chronic migraines.  Christine's use of cranial massage and her other knowledge of massage has greatly helped me improve how I live." -C.J. client 2016-2017

Christine has raised my expectations for a massage.  She has educated me and taught me how to care for my body.  I always walk away feeling fabulous for days. L.E. Client 2013-2017

Anniversary Weekend - Mobile Massage: Deep Tissue/MFR

~5 Star Review:  My Wife, G.H. and I got massages from Christine Ebner, {Healing Touch Massage} for our anniversary. Best massage I have ever had. Period. The MFR technique relieved a pain between my shoulder blades that had been there for years. I just thought I was going to have to live with it. Literally dozens of deep tissues massages have never managed to do more than alleviate the pain for a few hours after the massage. But today, in completely pain free there. Do yourself a favor, and get a massage from Christine as soon as you can!  ~J.H. December 2014

At age 60, since childhood-Doctors stated "physically" Right Leg is shorter - Mobile Massage: MFR ONLY!

~5 Star Review:  This new technique you have is INCREDIBLE! I always thought that I had a disk and a vertebrae that was fused, and I would need expensive back surgery to correct it. After one session, one leg longer than the other is no longer the case. It's amazing!!! ~M.E December 201

Small Business Owner - Monthly - "Health First Club" member: MFR ONLY!

~5 Star Review:  I don't know what we would do without Christine and Healing Touch Massage. Our job is so physical plus the wear and tear of aging she keeps up physically able and ready to go. She does more than just massages. She is very well educated in her field and offers a variety of services to heal your body. Trust me, you won't regret using her!  ~L.E. December 2014

That was the most AMAZING therapy I have ever had!!  My back is not stiffing up after a long drive or first thing in the morning.  I am looking forward to the Next ONE!  It's like {Christine} said, it gets better as time goes on. ~M.E. December 2014