Healing Tides: A Biodynamic Touch

"Experience the Healing Tides within You"


Q: What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy or BCST: is a method of healing the human body and bringing the organism back to Wholeness.

Q: How does BCST work or do this?

A trained practitioner provides a container of safety and space where the client feels supported and secure.  This allows the ‘Breath of Life’ to release unresolved kinetic energy in the form of: shock & trauma.  The practitioner will sit quietly and track The Tide (the rhythm of the Breath of Life) through the systems and tissues of the body.  This process is as gentle as possible and quite subtle at times; however, the results can be deeply profound.

Q: Why does Everyone need Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Every day we face multiple types of external stresses from: work, commuting, relationships, and general life.  Since there is no avoiding these external forces and stressors, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy helps to restore the body-mind connection by discharging external energy to bring about balance and clarity. 

Q: How do traumatic/emotional events get stuck & unexpressed in our body?

Anytime the body experiences external forces of energy without any means to fully process these forces through the system, the Breath of Life will create inertia points to withstand and hold these forces until a time where they can be resolved.  We call these points of excess force: inertia points of shock and trauma aka: triggers. The longer these inertial points are maintained within the system, the more dysfunction can occur with the mental, emotional, physical and energetics of the body-mind connection. Some of the ways these inertia points of shock-trauma may arise are: mental overwhelm, emotional fatigue, chronic illness, anxiety & depression, physical exhaustion, etc.

Q: How Shock is Resolved?

As an external force of energy enters the system, the 'Breath of Life' determines whether or not those forces of energy can be processed through the system and body fully or partially. If only partially, it is the 'Breath of Life' that holds and then stores these excess external forces within the system/body; we call these points: inertia. 

Regardless of time, points of inertia can only be resolved by the 'Breath of Life'. The longer inertia resides within the system the possibility of long lasting trauma, shock, systemic problems, and the possibility of chronic illness to arise. Other therapies may give you a way to cope through and around the inertia; however, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy will actually help to resolve, release, discharge, and clear it.

Q: What might you experience after the session?

After the session and possibly up to 72 hours, you may experience many kinds of sensations as energy that has been held in the body continues to be discharged. If you feel any heightened emotional sensations, stay present with your breath. Allow this energy to discharge and process through you as much as you can. You may experience discharging of subtle energy. The discharge of energy is the resolution of inertia and a process of letting go of shock, trauma and patterns that inhibit your health and vitality.

If for any reason, the sensations are too much for you to process on your own, please call or text me for help in further resolution.

What BCST can Help, and so much more...

• Anxiety & Depression
• Grief
• Mental Overwhelm
• Brain Fog
• Relationship Traumas
• Anger Management
• Emotional eating
• Pain Management
• Gastric issues/irritable bowl 
• Relieving painful memories
• Insomnia

BCST: An Alternative to talk-therapy

Let your Body Talk for you instead!